Sentient Sovereign Individual is Reality…

But the recognition of the freedom of the individual interprets the universe in a different way. Atheists regard the universe as a collective concept, like that of a flock. When several birds sit together, they give the idea of a flock. But when each bird flies away in her own way, the flock disappears and it does not exist any longer. Yet each bird exists by itself. So the reality lies with the existence of the individual bird, but not with the existence of the flock. Similarly the universe as such does not exist. Only the several phenomena and the individuals of human beings exist. Their existence, too, is not permanent. Each one changes in form: and content. Nevertheless, the collection of phenomena and of the individuals goes by the name of the universe.

This is beautiful, love this kind of thinking !! ~SJ

The Tragedy of Theistic Understanding……

The tragedy of theistic understanding consists in mistaking faiths for
truths. Theists can very well believe in the existence of god, soul, other-world,and after-life. The faiths can be shared also by other theists. Yet theyare only faiths and not truths at all. They cannot be left even as unverifiablefaiths too. The existence of free will is proof positive that the faiths in god, soul, other-worlds and after life are falsehoods. The concept of almightiness is wholly false because it denies the existence of free will wholly. Thus god is clearly a falsehood, though, long ago, it was a useful


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It is curious that a person who rejects Science on the basis of doubting the proof then turns around and accepts wishful thinking on faith. ~sovereignjohn

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Ann Coulter Would Be Correct But for…

Ann Coulter is certainly correct that in a time of War the President of the United States is Commander-in-Chief and does not need Congressional approval for his every move though what Ann Coulter is lying about is that there is a War.  Only Congress can declare War and Congress has not declared War so while President George Walker Bush wants to play Commander-in-Chief he is not because there is no War to command. The actions in Iraq are illegal and war crimes.

This according to our founding fathers and their Federal United States Constitution.

Stop the illegal Bush tyranny,

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