Cartoon banned by the Mormon church

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JFK Speech Needs to be Heard Today more than ever !!

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Why Does Congress Keep Funding A War It Did Not Declare?

Once Congress realized that George Walker Bush was launching an illegal police action against Iraq Congress kept funding this illegal police action.

Impeach Congress, The President and the Judiciary.

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Congress Has Approved of Every Presiendential Action

and if they haven’t why aren’t they Impeaching the Law Breakers???


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Solution for Skools

It’s time for loving parents to step up and teach their own children at home. There’s nothing more important than a good solid factual education and where better to provide your children with a learning environment than at home?

Home Schooling Your Child is the Answer to restoring Family Values

You know what’s best for your children and you have the skills to teach your children well. As Parents you are the true source of inspiration and role models your children need, want and desire. Children who are home schooled are better educated and better adjusted than public or even privately schooled children.

Home Schooling Your Child is the Answer to A Well Rounded Education

You can’t throw good money after bad funding over crowded classrooms, busing children to the other side of town, the home is the best local school house your children could ever know. You are the most loving teacher your child could ever know. A family that home schools is a loving family that no public or private school setting could ever provide.
We all know how Hollywood subverts our children with sex and violence. There is a way to keep Hollywood from breaking the family apart and restore family values in the home. Join us next week as we encourage the only solution to the infiltration of Hollywood into our very homes. This solution works 100% !!!

— Next Week —
Getting Rid of the Television and it’s Hollywood Programs
that are beamed to you and your children !!
— Take Action Now —

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UN System: Nature As Weapon

read the UN Earth Charter and you’ll see they want to restrict our movement and even make it where some areas of the United States will be off limits to humans. This will take place GLOBALLY as they get rid of the Nation-State.

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Jacues Cousteau said…

In order to
stabilize world population,

we must eliminate 350,000 per day.

– Dr. Jacques Cousteau

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