GWBush in Africa


George Bush, the legendary
humanitarian, is visiting Africa.


To promote treatment for AIDS…

That’s the official version and there’s
no chance the US news media will question

The New World Order has a plan for
Africa and its massive natural

Their method is simple and diabolical.

It involves “helping.”

Like his father before him and others
from their circle, young Bush is adept
at mixing medicine, “humanitarianism”
and genocide.

Details about the African Holocaust here:

(I’ve placed the google video within this post)

– Brasscheck


That’s Just What You Are…Aimee Man…

Wise Up – Aimee Mann

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ATHEISM: Questions and Answers



VIJAYAWADA 520 006 India


Gora devoted all his life for the Propagation of atheism. He
addressed hundreds of meetings in his extensive tours in India and
abroad and answered many questions. Sometimes he spent two to three
hours after his speech in answering questions on atheism. This enabled
two-way communication and paved the way for clearing many doubts. 

When Gora started Sangham, the first Atheist Telugu Weekly, in 1949, he introduced the column of questions and answers. In The Atheist,
an English Monthly he edited since 1969, he continued this special
feature. Till his death on July 26, 1975 Gora continued to answer
questions regularly in The Atheist. Thus Gora answered several hundred questions both in public meetings and in the journals. 

As Atheism is a positive way of life, Gora covered a wide spectrum
of topics. Atheism does not stop with the mere criticism of religion or
with the exposure of some superstitions. Atheism aims at all round
development of the personality of the individual. 

In this book we are publishing some of the questions and answers given by Gora in The Atheist. We earnestly hope that the book will be helpful in further clarifying the points regarding atheism. 


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9-11 ?

Obama vs Clinton foreign policy advisers

Pepe Escobar: Comparing foreign policy advisers of two candidates shows some differences

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