Lost Episodes Explained in Music

MySpace Page has a really cool music of Lost Episodes…Link via Previously on Lost

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Video: iriver’s Unit 2 hands-on

This is an awesome device…

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Yhe Animatrix (DVD)

The Animatrix (2003) (V)


The Animatrix is a collection of several animated short films, detailing the backstory of the “Matrix” universe, and the original war between man and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix. more

The Animatrix

Hedy Burress, Tres…

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Soros, Brzezinski, Rohjatyn, Rudman Running Obama

obama bought and paid for

By Bruce Marshall

17/02/08 “ICH” — — Do not be fooled! Barak Obama’s call for National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank (NIRB) does not signal the return of the Democratic Party to the values of FDR and a revival of the Constitutional prerogative to ‘promote the general welfare’, but would rather provide more welfare for Wall Street and worse. Obama’s plan is nothing more than the direct means of instituting the Rohatyn-Rudman National Investment Corporation (NIC) plan called for in 2005, which in essence is a revival of Mussolini’s methods of corporatist control of the state in a politically correct post modern fashion..

When Senator Obama states that his National Investment Reinvestment Bank will magically turn $60 billion into trillions of dollars as he did in his Feb 13th Jamesville, WI speech, one can easily realize that the only way that this can happen is through the perverse magic of Wall Street. What would happen is that bonds floated by the NIRB will be bought on the open market, to then be speculated upon, securitized as derivatives, traded and ultimately used as collateral on the newly built infrastructure. What we will see is the emergence of an infrastructure bubble to replace the mortgage bubble, propped up by initial government expenditures towards infrastructure. This is just the start as Obama will fund the feel good ‘carbon credit’ swap to be the next blast of hot air to make Wall Street giddy. This is a key insight to a true understanding of what is going on. Bailout the financial powers with a clever plan that will raise money to then buy up hard assets, in other words the remaining wealth of our nation, as the meltdown crisis of over a quadrillion in derivatives losses grows and grows..

Know More… 


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Bush, AIDS, and Africa

Just in case you missed it…because
this is big – and unreported.

Bush is in Africa giving away money
to help in the “fight against AIDS.”

That this claim is coming out of Bush’s mouth
alone is sufficient reason to question
what’s really going on.

But it goes a lot deeper.

Six and a half years ago, I was attacked for being
one of the first to declare that 9/11 *had* to be
an inside job.

One of the next taboo frontiers is understanding
what AIDS really is and how Bush and the people
he’s involved with are using it to achieve
their ultimate agenda in Africa.

Timely video that will change the way you
look at AIDS – and maybe save your life one


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Those Godly…high and mighty…fall…

It is amusing to see those who claim a relationship to a god theory struggle and most times fall. It is the claim of the high and mighty that their god concept is all knowing, all powerful and all present and that belief in this god theory enables the believer with the powers of this god. Accept the son of this god theory into your heart and become like the son and follow, follow, to eternal goodness with the embedded holy spirit within you. Yet these men and women of all god concepts struggle at times worse than most.

It is only through domination using weapons and lies do the high and mighty godly reign their terror upon us. The mere fact that they themselves seek domination over others reveals that there is no God and they themselves do not believe in their own lies, deceits and deceptions. They lay up for tomorrow and secretly plan the imprisonment and subjection of others.

What a creepy satanic cult,

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