The Great Leopard MacBook

I was just burning some CDs from an itunes playlist I had generated and I was on my fifth or sixth disk so I went to get a cup of tea and upon my return the MacBook itunes was blank, the initializing CD window was blank. I went to the Dock and  clicked on itunes ‘force quit’ and everything remained locked up. So I reverted back to my old Windows PC trick, I unpluged this macbook, then I disconnected the battery so this macbook would lose power and shut down. I’ll have to keep this macbook a while as I am poor but my next computer will be me moving back to Windows and the PC world. I don’t know what ‘just works’ about Apple, I haven’t found it yet and after three months I’m beginning to realize at my age I did fall for the hype of marketing.

you got me apple,

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