The Secret Knowing of US Sovereigns…

What we all secretly know is that if a President would be elected in the United States that was a factory worker or a farmer who brought all our troops home from every country that they are currently occupying, if this President were to end hunger in the world by supplying our food surpluses, if this working class President would guarantee health care to all and fund this health care with tax money once used to torture, maim and kill people, we in the general population secretly know this working class President would either be murdered right away or the Hidden Hand puppets would unleash on this planet outright Armageddon  that would make the current trickling of endless hate, greed, and genocide look like a sweet 16 party. We don’t vote for the best choice, we vote for the lesser of two evils.

Those of us who are old enough to know better secretly know that Barack Obama is a shill but just as we keep the secret of Santa Claus from our children we secretly keep the secret of Santa Claus Religion, Politics and History, all supposedly not to disillusion our children. It’s such a lark. We propagate an illusion so our children won’t become disillusioned. Gee, I thought telling our chidlren the truth was suppose to do that.

We can tell our childen truth in a appropriate manner for their age. We tell them that loving friends, family and neighbors love them so much for who they are that presents are giving. Contrast that truth against the lie that some grown up man gives you presents if your good and by the way he is constantly watching you. Big Brother is brought into the home to terrorize our children and we are the ones threatening our own children with such lies !!!


I’m not sure why we accept love as hate. Why we have a God who will destroy a whole village of men, women, children and babies for its own satisfaction then pretend this is a God Concept of love. There is nothing loving there. It is all hate and more hate. Even Santa hates you and may not leave a present if you don’t comply, conform and cower. Santa Claus is Big Brother and I never allowed that son of bitch into my child’s life. She knew she was safe and loved for who she was by her friends, family and neighbors. She was taught that not everyone was loving and to never allow anyone violate her personal sovereign space, not even mom and dad.

And if she had seen a man in a red suit in the house late at night she would have grabbed the family gun and capped his ass. She never was to go looking for the son of a bitch but if he ever dared to invade our space, he was an intruder who could also be a killer so defense is the key and the police would find Santa lying in a pool of his own blodd before they found us lying in a pool of our own blood.

The secret knowing is the system itself is an inside job of ruthless psychopaths and we know what they do when they don’t get their way. They are bullies on the school ground.

You remember, as long as the bully picked on us kids who weren’t in a click not even the Principal cared. The rich kids and their chosen friends could do no wrong, in school, on the playground and after school. The biggest lie I was ever told was the real life was different than school. The truth is the bullies and rich adults always get the breaks. You can get a break too if you cower, conform and comply with the bullies, rich adults and their connected friends.

We secret we all know is its better socially  to kiss ass and play lip service to a God Concept and attend a church even if you don’t really believe, after all, there really isn’t a God so pretending won’t get punished and its good for social advancement.

This isn’t my thinking, because I think truth is the purpose of life and therefore living a lie is not living, its mere existing. No the above attitude about attending a church of a non existent God Theory is told to me in private by those who know I am an Atheist. They always tell me in private that there’s no harm in covering your ass and pretending. I tell them to look around at the world of disease, poverty, torture, and war cause by their conformity, compliance and cowardly attitude.

We generate the world we live in by the perceptions and ethics we support and promote. As long as ruthless inbreed psychopathic bloodlines are allowed to control our power then we will never be sovereign and have the opportunity to establish cooperation through mutually assured respect and dignity. It can never happen because mutually assured respect and dignity comes from truth and since we are living a lie you can never have sovereignty in a slave system of perpetual debt, perpetual war, and perpetual class divisions.

Our current system is a pyramid ponzi scheme. Those at the top pretend to earn profits and use money taken from new marks and pay the old marks. There really is no profits, just moving money around while those on the top take their cut of trillions of dollars. Our current system is such a confidence game.

While General Motors (GM) and FORD Corporation may seem to make money one year the industry as a whole always loses money. It is the same with all Corporate Industry. There are no profits. This is why the Corporate arm known as the Government prints more an more money to keep the illusion of profits afloat. The Federal Reserve is part of the scam and the general population is told to seek their advice. This is quite and accomplishment. The whole system is an inside job and we have the robber barons advising us when this is their system to scam us out of our wealth and power!!!

Heartless, ruthless, brutal manipulation of all aspects of our lives. We slave away so those at the top of this ponzi pyramid scheme can keep us as slaves. We happily fund our own slavery. Fucking amazing.

When we dare speak up our own children who are now cops, doctors and lawyers plot with the Hidden Hand. Our children who are now police readily bash our heads in if we should irritate those at the top of this ponzi pyramid scheme who are never affected by any of their actions. Depression, Recession or famine, those at the top of this ponzi pyramid scheme and their chosen friends always have more than enough of everything. Those who control this ponzi pyramid scheme always have boom times. Currently those at the top of this ponzi pyramid scheme are enjoying more and more while those of us within the pyramid are living on less and less. We then blame ourselves for our failure in a system designed to scam us out of our power and wealth !!!!

I can understand George Walker Bush fucking us over. He’s a member of a Hidden Hand family that goes back thousands of years manipulating, controlling and living off the wealth of the rest of us. it is amazing that to get ahead we raise our children so poorly that they willing bash in our heads at the command of a George Walker Bush who doesn’t give a damn about the rest of us.

Our children are currently in Iraq killing, torturing, men, women, children and babies of working class sovereigns who’s only desire is to enjoy life. We should be ashamed of ourselves. If we don’t set a new course, if we remain on this path, we will end up where we are heading…total totalitarian fascist world Government and our children will help build this fascist world Government as police, politicians, lawyers, doctors, scientist and religious leaders.

one for sovereignty and all for sovereignty of everyone,



Constitution States No Religious Test shall be required for office…

The Ethanol Agenda

The purpose of using food to fuel our cars is designed to raise the price of food on a starving world. There are better ways to fuel our transportation yet instead of developing them the Hidden Hand Agenda of population reduction is stream rolling ahead.

The fact that we continue to go along with the Hidden Hand Agenda of war, genocide, torture, and stealing other people’s resources is shocking to all sovereign minded individuals. Only those who seek the comfort and security of a return to the bicameral mind could even think of such ruthless psychopathic behavior.

yous in caring and sharing,


Let’s really change the status quo…Let’s insist on cooperation instead of the policy of wars, torturing and domination.

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