The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

by Matt Gonzalez‚
Feb. 27‚ 2008

Part of me shares the enthusiasm for Barack Obama. After all, how could
someone calling themself a progressive not sense the importance of what
it means to have an African-American so close to the presidency? But as
his campaign has unfolded, and I heard that we are not red states or
blue states for the 6th or 7th time, I realized I knew virtually
nothing about him.

Like most, I know he gave a stirring speech at the Democratic National
Convention in 2004. I know he defeated Alan Keyes in the Illinois
Senate race; although it wasn’t much of a contest (Keyes was
living in Maryland when he announced). Recently, I started looking into
Obama’s voting record, and I’m afraid to say I’m not
just uninspired: I’m downright fearful. Here’s why:


Love This Graphic of Obama…

liar, cheat, fake

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