Stand Up for…

Let us return to an ethical America

Huey Long

(Every man a Sovereign said Huey Long)

Stand Up for Individual Sovereignty


Fall Into Tyranny and Fascism


They spread lies about Huey Long and said he was a crook

They spread lies about George Walker Bush and said he’s not a crook.


Who Killed JFK…that’s an easy one…

Meant for the consumption of those in the general population who seek falsehood and ignorance the embedded propaganda is inserted along with the truth within the open conspiracy. Meant for those seeking lies and fake news is the illusion and delusion for the bicameral slave mind.

The CIA, Ford and General Motors, ABC and CBS or CNN whatever Corporation you look at they are all One World Corporation Government. So if someone tells you that the CIA killed JFK they are correct and if someones says some other group killed JFK they too are correct because the CIA and any other organization you know of are all lead by one Corporation of the Hidden Hand.

The illusion of independent departments are merely separate departments of a secret hidden invisible hand of ruthless psychopathic mostly bloodline bullies. There is no General Motors vs Ford at the top. The top hidden hand members control all corporations. This is why they are shown above the pyramid. They let you and yours struggle in the illusion of dog eat dog evolutionary democracy while those secret members at the top steal your wealth and control your power as they enjoy communal living amongst themselves, separating themselves from their their generated Spectacle Society grown in a culture of illusion, fake magic, and technology.

There is no competition at the top. Competition is for the mass mind so that you won’t gather together in your own best interest as those on the top do. Those at the very top divide you from your own and conquer you and your own. Instead of fighting your real oppressors the white slaves fight the black slaves, the male slaves fight the female slaves, the straight slaves fight the homosexual slaves and the young slaves fight the old slaves. Round and round we go, never knowing history of the slave and how those at the top cause Wars for us to fight and die in as they rid themselves of excess slaves on all sides. Getting us to kill each other while those at the top and their puppets generate more wealth for themselves off of our struggles.

George Walker Bush and those of the Bush Family aren’t serving their country in Iraq or anywhere. One Bush Family member is a host on one of the worthless gossip programs instead of joining our troops in Iraq to protect our nation. He’s the host of a worthless TV scandle program that contributes nothing but distraction from issue of the working class. Do you and I really care if Billionaire Donald Trump has a bad day or what the fuck he had for breakfast? Apparently so.

Yet the fact that there is an agenda to eliminate all human labor and exterminate all human beings isn’t worth our attention. So only those who choose to remain ignorant of the events taking place all around us will be surprised when the men behind the curtain begin to eliminate you and yours.

They couldn’t have done it without our inattention to reality.

Live by fantasy, die by fantasy,


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