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I’ve posted some new audio links on my audio blog for those who enjoy listening to seekers of truth speak…

I do not necessarily agree with every bit of information, I present audios for their data content so that we may make up our own minds and perhaps spark some independent critical thinking.


Dr. Phil and His Real Purpose…

Doctor Phil’s real purpose assigned by Oprah who takes her orders from the Hidden Hand has assigned Doctor Phil to focus our attention on the 1% of personal trauma and distract us from the other 99% corrupt system of debt and slavery. Doctor Phil is suppose to place the blame on the innocent the same as second tier Judge Judy is suppose to do. It’s the poor working class that are the strange ones. Yeah right.

Doctor Phil, Judge Judy and Oprah Winfrey are the successes of a psychopathic ruthless system. The psychopaths always win as they can always fake sincerity.

Remember, Doctor Phil is distracting you from the real cause of the ills of the world, a psychopathic system ruled by ruthless psychopathic bullies. The fantasy of a normal loving host who’s only desire is to help humanity deal with its problems is a powerful illusion.

As with Oprah, Judge Judy, Doctor Phil generates millions of dollars for himself while doling out pennies and raking in dollars in the process. Doctor Phil lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous sucking the life blood out of the pain, sweat and tears of working class sovereigns. If he happens to help one or two people along the way, so much more he can use those accidental good works as Public Relations (PR) Advertising to promote himself into even more millions. Doctor Phil is well rewarded for his show biz fake TV program. 

Oprah has made Billions pretending to care. Every show is a drama and most shows are a hour long info commercial for their new music CD, movie or book with Oprah as the host. A whole hour of info commercial interrupted by commercial breaks. What a con and no one seems to notice.

Judge Judy rakes in millions yelling at working class people struggling to survive. These sovereigns have been taken advantage of by a fellow working class sovereign and here’s Judge Judy raking in millions providing other TV viewing losers with entertainment of other people’s lives. After the days filming is over Judge Judy is driven in her limo to her gated mansion.  

Dr. Phil is as fake as all the rest. It’s all show biz. As with Oprah and Judge Judy these fake sincerity clowns are raking in billions pretending to care.

What a world, what a world,



Oprah comes out to back another fake, Obama. He pretends he is against the Iraq War, yet since he has had the opportunity to cast votes regarding the illegal Iraq War he has voted to fund this illegal Iraq War time and time again. So much for being against the Iraq War. As with the liar and crook Richard Nixon, Obama will not end the illegal Iraq War till his handlers, the Hidden Hand instruct him to do so. I suspect that will be years from now.

Hillary and McCain are Hidden Hand Puppets so like Judge Judy, Oprah and Doctor Phil they all have a role to play and read each new script delivered daily by those behind the scene pulling their strings.

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