1918 flu gives clues to stopping next pandemic

The following MSNBC report has been removed from the MSNBC site.

1918 flu gives clues to
stopping next pandemic

1 February – MSNBC reported that two little
changes in the virus that caused the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic stopped it
from spreading from one animal to another, a finding that may help determine
what will cause the next pandemic. Researchers who have been studying a
reconstructed version of the 1918 virus found it very easy to stop the virus
from spreading from one infected ferret to another — although the
altered viruses still quickly killed the animals. Researchers made a modest
change of two amino acids in the hemagglutinin protein that stopped
transmission of the virus between ferrets.
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Editors Note:

Even after this data was known those who are suppose to protect us are predicting massive Bird Flu Pandemic, even though they know how to stop it.



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