Symbols of the Light…

The Hidden Hand know all about the Light. The Hidden Hand know that Light can be used to blind you. The first thing they show you when you are being tortured and interrogated is they shine a blinding light in your eyes. The Hidden Hand have studied the light and the dark and they give out disinformation about the hidden meanings of the properties of Light and Dark to make sure you never become a truth seeker that follows where the path to knowing leads.

Look at nature. Is it always day time? Is there not night time too. Have you ever used the night to enjoy the stars that you can not see during the day time? The moon shines its beauty to us at night. Plants need darkness to regenerate their energy, to rest so that when the light comes they have the energy to use the light to generate fuel and food.

Did you know that if our Sun was alone in the Universe there would be no light. Our Sun’s light is made visible by the reflection of its light on the planets and other dark objects in the Universe. The darkness gives birth to the light.

Let me illustrate my point with a thought experiment I thought on. If you have two sticks from the branches of a tree and you rub those two sticks together long enough and fast enough what happens? The two sticks will burst into flames revealing the fire within, the light within those two dark objects. The light is stored in the darkness. The light is released from the darkness and manifest itself in the world of matter (darkness).

Within you and me there is a light. We are dark matter, latent energy, stored energy, spirit more powerful and abundant than any know source. Is not atomic energy awesome? We are made of atoms. We are mostly H2O, hydrogen/oxygen. Ever heard of the Hydrogen bomb?

The Hidden Hand through the world’s satanic false religions have deceived the world into worshiping Satan. Satan believe it is God and wants to be worshiped as a God. Those that worship God, worship Satan. This Satanic Cult uses Religion to distort the truth of Light and Darkness so that they alone know the truth. Become a truth seeker and break the bondage of ignorance (Karma) and embrace the knowing (Dharma).

Yours in knowing,



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