Campaign 2008: Clinton VS Obama

You know fake wrestling seems to be quite the draw for some US Sovereigns and no i’m not talking about the WWE. Some Girlie Men and Some Manly Girls fake fight each other in their repressed sexual manner that so often is Erotica. Too afraid of real sex and even more afraid of an honest fight the wrestlers and their fans engage in fake battles where the outcome is scripted as all soap operas are. Unfortunately as with most soap operas they are scripted with worthless dialog about nothing. A true Utopia in the real sense of the world. Utopia after all means ‘nowhere’.

So all the lonely people of nowhere land engaging in nothing, a real nowhere plan, a real nowhere stand for nobody.

Such is the Campaign 2008 on all sides. McCain, Obama and Clinton. all fake candidates pretending so that they may please the crowds of Utopians.

Ultimately it seems that through it all Hillary will as with all good fake wrestling matches end up wining the fake match and of course choose Obama as her VP. Why is Hillary the most likely winner? The goddess always presides over the most bloody part of an agenda and since regardless of who wins either Republican or Democrat the next eight years will be the bloodies of an agenda that is thousands of years old. There has been blood letting of this type before and this phase is entering its own most bloody times.

Knowing the desires of the Hidden Hand of Hierarchy it is time for the Goddess to reign over this part of the time line. Of course the script is always rewritten when those in the general population latch key onto one fake choice over another, because in the end it really doesn’t matter which of their candidates you choose. They do prefer the Goddess at this time.

I think they will pull it off in the end. I think Hillary is their desired choice in the occult agenda, though if it needs to be Obama or McCain they will allow it. With the agenda of totalitarian Fascism now ruling the United States it really doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter…at all. The Hidden Hand of Hierarchy have already chosen your champions for you, its simply a matter of which Hidden Hand Puppet you desire to be fooled by.

It’s a fake WWE wrestling match and simply offered for you entertainment. You know, like fake baseball, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, and all the rest. Nothing is real, nothing really matters.

This was the reason the Hidden Hand gave you the writers strike. They wanted to focus your attention on the entertainment of Election 2008, so with no new episodes of the sluts of misery lane, no new episodes of every suspect is a crook Law & Order, your attention was pushed toward soap opera Election 2008.

Now that the television illusion will be back to supply the bread and circus the general population will be given plenty of their erotic sex and erotic violence so that perhaps Hillary will slip into the white house. Who ever becomes the next Presidential Puppet you can be sure it was decided long ago. As with all good actors the candidates have studied their parts and know their lines well. They can act angry, surprised, shocked and even pretend they hate each other or love each other.

It’s all show biz,


Endless War…

I laugh when some US Sovereigns tell me about the times of peace we in the United States have enjoyed at times. I laugh because it is amazing the delusions some Sovereigns are under. I’m 56 years old and the United States has overtly and/or covertly been at war with someone all my life.

Of course what US Soveregns mean when they say we’ve had peace is that those that the United States has repressed and co opted have been unable to do anything against us here in the United States. We are the Super Power and we get away with bullying the world while pretending to help. We starve Africa then brag about the small effort to send food. We buy the drugs the world is forced to grow for us to survive then we use a small portion of the profits from the drug trade to fund a war on drugs. Which is really a war on sovereign rights as is the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the War on Poverty, etc, etc. The United States is not only addicted to drugs, most of us are addicted to war as well.

Violence and drugs, who knew??

Actually don’t we know that where there are drugs there is violence??

We in the United States make such a big deal about programs to keep people away from drugs when actuality we are a drug using nation. Illegal drugs flow into this country as easy as any other legal substance if not easier. A four year old knows who’s dealing drugs in the neighborhood but the police haven’t a clue. Do you really believe that??!

While illegal drugs continue to be the major drug problem, legal drugs are a Trillion dollar industry. Every small bruise that causes the smallest amount of pain we take a pain pill for relief. God forbid we feel something from our actions.

If that’s not bad enough millions of US Sovereigns are taking some kind of medication daily. We say we are healthy yet we are the most medicated nation on earth.

So there you are, an endless war that only begets more war, war on drugs though we are a drugged out nation, a war on poverty yet we are the most impoverished of all first world nations, a war on pollution yet we are the most polluted polluting nation in the world. If you think the rest of the world doesn’t see us and our hypocrisy you are so immersed in your fantasy world there may be no way out for you. Those of us who live in reality know that the world see what we do and knows what we say is not what we do.

The United States is only fooling itself. The rest of the World knows us all too well. They see our troops knock down their doors, they see us sponsor terrorist and call them freedom fighters. The world watches the most powerful Super Power in the history of the world pissing away its good will and its good fortunes on Empire building.

The world sees a lost out of control nation that was once the hope of the world.

Haven’t we had enough of Endless War ???

We need to regain our self respect and clear up our mess,

Billy Bush and the Iraqi Occupation…


Billy Bush laugh.gif works for gossip rag TV show Access Hollywood ph34r.gif .He doesn’t seem to support his Uncle’s war now does he.

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