Patriotism in the USA…

Obama is getting criticized for this idea of Patriotism. That’s really absurd coming from the likes of Christian Republicans who associated themselves with Ted Haggard and the whole line up of caught red handed Christian Republicans.

The assertion that you must display a US flag pin or fly a US Flag at your home is ridiculous. Don’t those who wear US Flag lapel pins know they are US Sovereigns? Don’t we know our neighbors are US Sovereigns even if they don’t display the fact they are US Sovereigns?

We are not required public display of our status. You can be sure that in Nazi Germany there were required acts of patriotism. There is nothing honest and patriotic about wearing a US Flag pin. Christian Republican Politicians display false patriotism all the time.

Someone wearing a US Flag lapel pin is not guaranteed to be a true blue American. They might in fact be a red Communist trying to act like a real US Sovereign with showy displays. One must look deeper into a persons character to find their true feelings. The instance that John McCain hates those who tortured him yet now supports torturing others is a great example of someone’s character. John McCain is a two faced asshole, regardless of whether he wears a US Flag lapel pin or not.

character is the issue,


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