If You’re Wondering Why People Refuse To Think For Themselves….

Ever wonder why Christians, Muslims, Jews. Mormons, and Scientologist refuse to think for themselves?

It’s quite simple really. People turn to Satanic god religion because people will tell you that if they must die, they’d rather die in their sleep. Satan has agreed to put them to sleep, the only price to pay is independent sovereign thought and of course the one thing spiritual Satan seeks, your ever lasting soul (house of your spirit).

All these sovereigns dying never to have questioned anything. They drive cars simply because it can be trained to them. They never will invent a car or think any thought for that matter. They are human chattle, beasts of burden content to amuse themselves to death. They have not evolved. As a matter of fact monkeys and apes evolved from Christians, Muslims, Jews. Mormons, Scientologist and the others 5,000 different religions of the bicameral mind.

evolved thinking opens up the world to a closed dogmatic satanic mind,

Worship Satan No Longer ?

Welcome Atheist !!!

Satanic Jesus


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