The Wealth of the Wicked Are Stored Up for the Righteous

“The Wealth of the Wicked Are Stored Up for the Righteous”, this is what Sarah Palin’s preacher Thomas Muthee stated in the video linked in this editorial

Video Link

So while Sarah Palin says that Barack Obama is a socialist one of Sarah Palin’s own spiritual advisers tells you that Sarah Palin alos has a redistribution of wealth program. It is from you to her chosen associates. While Sarah Palin pretends she is againt redistribution of wealth her associations say otherwise. Sarah Palin doesn’t just attend church with this preacher she has him annoint her with blessings!!! This spiritual adviser who declares “the stored wealth of the wicked shall be taken up for the righteous” which of course just happens to be anyone who agrees with him and his cronies and the wicked is anyone who dares question or commit the sin of disagreeing.

These are the people who believe their God is going to give them dominion over the earth and over you and me.

It doesn’t get any sadder or sicker than this,

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