God’s Will Blesses America, Rejects Sarah Palin…

God has revealed his election blessings for America while at the same time punishing Alaska with the return of God’s rejected Secession Dominionist Sarah Palin. You can’t hate America and expect to hold its hightest offices.

Get tougher Alaska God has rejected Sarah Palin and sent her packing. I’m not sure you will suffer long Alaska since Todd and Sarah Palin are all about themselves I’m sure Hollywood is calling.

God’s will be done,


Sarah Palin often says that she must be sure she is on God’s side. Well Sarah, you weren’t and God sent you away. He spoke to me and said he doesn’t want to see you in politics ever again. Stay home and raise your children Eve !!!!!!!!!


Howard Dean @ Press Club…

Howard Dean stated that the DNC has caught up with the RNC technologically and could now identify how you are most likely to vote based on your credit card data, what you buy and where. Certainly if they know you buy Liberal Authors @ Amazon with a credit card and the DNC or the RNC can access that data they will use this data along with all your other data and profile you.

This of course is the issue with Digital Technology, it makes data mining, storing, analysis and profiling easier than when it was all done by hand and other analog techniques. Bots can now mine data with Smart Bot programs that analysis your personal data in real time as well as in a more detailed manner. The time needed to do accurate consise data profiling that is turned into useful information speeds up as the technology speeds up. We all know that cable Internet provides us with faster downloads and uploads, faster computers, more data storage and better software as well.

The fact is in the Digital World our data is profiled into useful information on a daily basis by those seeking such information and the time it takes to profile the data into useful information will get down to hour to hour, then minute to minute till one day you make a purchase or make a comment online that has your online ID and it will be retieved immediately.

So one day all my sovereignjohn data will be data mined and turned into a useful profile of who i am since I’m sure if someone has the cash to spend can find my real identity. Certainly the Pentagon and Home Land Security with Trillions of Dollars spent has such technology so I’ll try to be respectful with my opinions and not upset those with such access to my personal information. Don’t want to piss off the fascist.

yours in personal individual privacy,

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