The Myth That Good Government is Small Government

Let us hope the neocons stay neocons and the religious right stays the religious right. When we were ruled by a King that was a small Government. It’s really simple. A corrupt small Government is corrupt. If we have an effective big Government that fixes roads, provides for the general welfare (hey neocon, the general welfare is a clause from the United States Constitution so try to keep up) is a great Government. The real issue is that neocons want a big enough Government to prevent same sex marriage and small enough to allow illegal prayer in public school. What *Morans

Even their so called Jesus Christ commands that Christians not to pray in public. Read their book, the Bible. I know its all bull shit but they claim it is a word of some God Concept. So Christians the least you can do is follow your own shitty book with its shitty bullshit.
Good day, I said Good Day,

* The neocon spelling of the word Moron, here’s the picture of their ignorance)

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The Global Agenda of the Hidden Hand…..

It is amazing to me that there are those who think the world loved America before President George Walker Bush took office. Tell that to Third World Nations such as Africa. America, my country, has unfortunately time and time again embarked on colonialism, Empire building and covert terrorism around the globe. Those whom Ronald Reagan called ‘freedom fighters’ were in fact Terrorist by every definition of the word. Oliver North and his cronies were treasonist assholes who should be serving life sentences in prison but are instead free due to pardons and other legal manuevers reserved for the Hidden Hand puppets.

There will come a day when them and theirs are tried by jury, as we seek the side of truth and overcome the obsticles to individual independent sovereignty.

As we have constantly and consistantly dropped bombs, troops and economic landmines around the globe killing men, women, children and babies foreigners have sought to come to America to get behind the war by entering the nation that is waging the war, America. These foreigners thought that America itself wouldn’t bomb their own people or land but this truth is changing fast. Today the war by the Hidden Hand has beven come to America and now Americans will feel the wrath of the global agenda. Today the war that America has been waging on behalf of the Global Agenda of the Global Hidden Hand has come home to America as the Global Hidden Hand now has the Digital Technology to rule the world from any location and no longer need North America as a base of operation nor the production of the  U.S. factories or the U.S. worker.

The G8 will now become the G20 and the Globe will find itself herded into a New World Order of One World Goverance by a selected Global One World Government. It will soon be obvious to anyone and everyone what has been known to those who cared to find out, that our leaders are mere puppets of the Global Hidden Hand Agenda.

Now that the Hidden Hand has the Digital Technology for Total control they will speak in plain language about their goals and time tables. Out from the shadows will rise that which has remained hidden. A Global Police State.

We can overcome a Global Police State within the next few years if we have the will. Once you are chipped you will be under total control with no escape. They are chipping all your products at this very moment. your car has a chip, your clothes have a chip, your credt card is a chip, your drivers license will soon have a chip, your cell phone, ipod. laptop all have tracking chips and listening device chips. until one day, you yourself will have a chip embedded and emplanted at birth. Soon you will volunteer to be chipped while one day a chip will be required in order to buy and sell.

Once the chip is in 80% of the population, the secret ‘kill switch’ will eliminate sectors of population in numbers designed to prevent panic or realization of the source of the devastation. You will be told it is a pathogene, an airborne disease or mad cow or bird flu, etc. You will be told it is a silent neutron type bomb or some other illusionary cause. All the while the death and destruction will be on your person, your embedded chip that is destroying you. Much as today you are told fake stories of global warming when in fake the foodstuffs you eat everyday are slowly poisening you, your children and your abiltiy to think.

There is a way to prevent the extermination of all human life.

Are you ready to save your children, your spouse, your neighborhoods?

Act Now, time is running out,


subject: Ready for Direct Action !

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