The Myth That Good Government is Small Government

Let us hope the neocons stay neocons and the religious right stays the religious right. When we were ruled by a King that was a small Government. It’s really simple. A corrupt small Government is corrupt. If we have an effective big Government that fixes roads, provides for the general welfare (hey neocon, the general welfare is a clause from the United States Constitution so try to keep up) is a great Government. The real issue is that neocons want a big enough Government to prevent same sex marriage and small enough to allow illegal prayer in public school. What *Morans

Even their so called Jesus Christ commands that Christians not to pray in public. Read their book, the Bible. I know its all bull shit but they claim it is a word of some God Concept. So Christians the least you can do is follow your own shitty book with its shitty bullshit.
Good day, I said Good Day,

* The neocon spelling of the word Moron, here’s the picture of their ignorance)

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