Calling The $700Billion A Bailout or A Rescue is Delusional….


There is no bailout and there is no rescue. What we have is plain and simply a payoff to Corporations and connected businesses of the Military Congressional Industrial Complex. Have Ford and GM forgot how to make quality cars and trucks? Have banks forgot how to make secure loans? The whole economic, political, culture under the table, behind closed door activity is corruption at the highest levels of elected, appointed and shadow Governance designed to change our lifestyle and lead us into the next phase of the Hidden Hand Agenda using CyberInterNetics on us all.

The next thirty years will be our last chance to regain control of our power and since people are more interested in infortainment we are on our way to boarding the trains to the final solution without raising so much as a whimper.


This is our values. We are barbarians who only care about stuff and have no concept of human value.

Black Friday Stampede Kills Worker At Wal-Mart

Our economy and our values are tanking and some among us must kill to grab a hold of the last drop of self delusion and visit it upon others.

Absolutely fucking astonishing.

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