Rush Limbaugh’s Ditto Heads…

You gotta love it. Rush Limbaugh still bragging that his listeners are Ditto Heads who don’t think for themselves and always, yes always agree with him.

I thought Conservatives Republicans were independent individual rough and ready cowboys? Instead they are goose stepping jack booted Limbaugh shirts who cheer at every breath Rush manages to gush over the air from his unmarried Christian Viagra popping ass.

You can tell by his thinking he needs help keeping his head up against his golden calf idol microphone.

Yep Rush pretends to carry the Stars and Stripes U.S. Flag when in reality its the Christian Dominionist flag he tots around.

Like all Christian Dominionist they hide their true allegiance to the Christian Dominionist flag and its agenda to replace our secular elected representative republic with a KINGDOM with their KING in charge. No more elections. No more debate. You will be required to OBEY or DIE.

No more Atheist, homosexuals, Hindus, Muslims, Jews or anyone who would dare disobey their KING.

Welcome to the Christian Dominionist New World Order, same as the old world order except for individual soverignty, individual thought, and independent actions.

Dominionist Rush Limbaugh

Dominionist Rush Limbaugh

Rush and his cronies, his listeners and his buddies hate America, hate the secular stars and stripes and wish to over throw our elected Government Republic.


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