Say You Want A Revolution, Well You Know…

I was reading a Chrsitan publication and it was damning Presidnet Barack Obmam as a Revolutionary Marxist. Hmmm. As if being a Marxist Revolutionist is a bad thing. Certainly the Chsirst Revolution to establish a Christian Kingdom with a Chrstian King appointed by Chrstian Leaders to be our King for the rest of our lives is not the ideal and principals of rugged inviduals living in a open and free Republic. It is in fact the exact opposite of elected Governance of a Republic. It is the very King Concept that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine themselves generated an armed revolution against.

The agenda and desire to set up a totalitarian fascist dictartorship of a Christian King over a Christian Kingdowm where you and I are mere subjects required to obey is the exact opposite of any open and free loving individaul sovereign!!


The framers of the United States Federal Constitution knew that there would be those seeking to subvert and attenuate the power of the people. This is the reason the framers established a Republic and declared that WethePeople were the Government.

That’s exactly the natural order of which the framers of the United States expressed in our founding document.

Let us protect and support our secular Republic as true Ameicans,


Secular America !!!

America is Never a Christian Kingdom

No Christian Masters – No Christian Slaves !!



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