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Pro-Peace Still Liberal Ideal Despite Actions of Neo-Liberal POTUS GW0bama !!

While many neo-Liberals stopped protesting GWBush’s illegal police action when it became GW0bama’s illegal police action real Liberals still protest WAR. Cindy Sheehan is one of those real Liberals;

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Ordered iPad2

I ordered an iPad 2 about 10am March 11, 2011. I got a delivery date of 2-3 weeks. I ordered accessories also. Blue Smart Cover, AV adapter, and extended power adapter. i also bought Applecare. Everyone should get Applecare with each & every Apple product. ;)

UPdate: My ipad2was delivered. Such a sweet device! Awesome!

this update was posted from my new ipad2!!

Defund PBS? Defund Superstitious Religion & Their Churches !!

Lets defund Christian Churches & donate the money to PBS along with Planned Parenthood as both these orgs do more good than superstition!/paradisestate/status/44062777719005184

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Forget Intel’s Thunderbolt, Wireless USB

check out the new revolution..

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Intel’s Thunderbolt leapfrogged USB 3.0 as the new cable solution Intel is pushing. But, the real game-charger is Wireless USB. Learn how it cou



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