Wal*Mart Employees on Taxpayer Paid Food Stamps

Wal*Mart has a great scam going on. You think you’re paying low prices when in fact much of the price for Wal*Mart sold merchandise is merely transferred to the welfare system meant to be a safety net. Wal*Mart is using food stamps as a Wal*Mart employee benefit!!!

The rich and power has been winning for 16 Billion Years. I wonder when the average human being is gonna finally stand up & speak out? The rich&powerful think they’ll be able to replace all human beings with CyberInterNetics by 2052CE. The rich&powerful are counting on us cowering, conforming & complying.

Is that we will do?

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Let me explain: I was covering the first stop for the Progressive Caucus’ “Speak Out for Good Jobs Now” listening tour held in Minneapolis attended by Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) among others. The first audience member to speak was one Girsheila Green, a young mother from Compton, California, who has worked at Walmart for three years. Ms. Green told the crowded church how in her tenure with Walmart, she’s received two raises and is now a manager. She makes nine dollars an hour (one dollar above the laughably-low California minimum wage). She pulled from her pocket three cards she claimed most Walmart employees at her store have: a 10 percent Walmart employee discount card, her employee ID and her EBT card (what used to be called food stamps).

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, testified in 2005 to the Minnesota Senate. She stated if we eliminated the (laughably low) minimum wage, we could wipe out unemployment. Yes, instead of paying one person eight dollars an hour which makes him eligible for food stamps and (in some cases) Medicaid – let’s pay eight people one dollar an hour and they can be eligible for food stamps, Medicaid AND General Assistance. Basically, allow the government to take care of the work force so private industry can have the profit. This is corporate welfare. This is also corporate socialism. The government covers what Walmart gets away with not covering.

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