Who’s Responsibility Is It for You to Survive A Hurricane?


How many of those who live on the Hurricane prone East Coast bought a new HDTV instead of a backup generator for their home?

How many times does an area get to experience storm’s of the Century before it is time the rest of the nation demand residents of the East Coast are required to have generators and water pumps on their property?

Blaming the Government because they didn’t buy a generator and water pumps for the worse case scenario Hurricanes can bring is the individuals fault. Suddenly your HDTV you bought instead of a generator has no electricity. Bad choices can have bad results.

It would seem Insurance Corporations, Federal, State and Local Governments surely have enough data to know which areas of the East Coast need to be mandated to require back-up generators that last a certain number of days as well as water pumps. We can’t guarantee survival because of these measures, we can guarantee these measures are better than blaming the Government because electricity wasn’t restored the second the Hurricane passed.

If you sitting without lights and you’ve no back-up generator then how is that anyone’s fault but your own?



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