10 best iPad art apps for painting and sketching | Creative Bloq

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Make stunning art on the iPad with these top tools! These powerful painting and drawing apps can help you start creating iPad art today!
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The Future of the White Man’s Party

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Caption: Former California governor Pete Wilson with his wife Gayle in 1995. During his tenure, Wilson promoted Proposition 187, which would have denied all public services to undocumented immigrants—a move that is credited with turning Latinos in the state against the GOP.

For a glimpse of where the GOP is headed, look to California, where Latinos, Asians, and young people just elected Democratic supermajorities to the state legislature.

by HAROLD MEYERSON, The American Prospect

Over the past 15 years, California’s electorate has changed so dramatically and so quickly that Democrats have often won victories they weren’t even anticipating. In 1998, no one expected Gray Davis to win the governor’s office by 20 percentage points, and the tightly wound Davis, who had no life outside politics, was plainly bewildered by his own emotions during his victory speech on the night of the landslide. This week, no one expected the Democrats to win two-thirds of the seats in the state Assembly (they did expect to win that many in the state Senate, which they did), yet the Democrats won those seats going away. As California law requires a two-thirds vote in both legislative houses to raise any taxes, the Republicans have long used their just-over-one-third representation in those houses to block all tax increases, decimating the state’s schools, colleges, and parks in the process. Now, the Democrats have finally overcome that hurdle—and have become the first party with two-thirds representation in both houses since 1933. [MORE]

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New QuickTime fixes a number of security vulnerabilities

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New QuickTime fixes a number of security vulnerabilities!


                          ===> UPDATE asap! <===


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France pushes ahead on gay marriage amid dissent – Yahoo! News (blog)

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Yahoo! News (blog)France pushes ahead on gay marriage amid dissentYahoo! News (blog)It began long before any modern religion in existence and it was a purely social arrangement in those earlier civilizations.

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