Obama’s Second Term: Four More Years of Groundhog Days | Black Agenda Report

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President Obama has nearly consummated his long courtship with the GOP, yet Black and labor leaders continue to pretend that he is a bulwark against austerity. In an even more nightmarish version of Groundhog Day, “the behavior of the Black and labor leadership actors remains the same, as the economic and political landscape crumbles around them.”

Four More Years of Groundhog Days
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

“Obama is ‘free at last’ from ever again having to depend on African American voters.”

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Vivek Wadhwa steals the show at ReadWrite mixer, predicting massive change for 2013 from $20 tablet

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Vivek Wadhwa was a surprise guest of Dan Lyons yesterday night at the ReadWrite mixer in San Francisco.


Last year, Wadhwa made predictions for tech in 2013 that turned out very accurate: slowing growth in social media, Zynga and Groupon’d stock crash, etc… This year he brought in stage the $20 tablet that was recently announced and talked about the powerful change it could bring particularly in developing countries. He also blamed All Things D’s Kara Swisher for not covering the news and missing the most important trend in mobile computing (you can see from the picture she’s not exactly thrilled by his attack).


Education, Business, Commerce, etc… : bringing billions online will impact all these areas in a major way. As he pointed out, hundreds of million people in India already invested in a $50 cell phone which became their vital communication device. A $20 tablet could bring even more important change.


The revolution is going global.


Screencast: How to record Videos on your iPad or iPhone

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This detailed guide describes the various options that will help you record movies (screencasts) of your iPad or iPhone screen. You can use it for capturing app demos, game walkthroughs and more.

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The Takeover Of #Mobile Internet – Will It Replace Desktop Use? #Infographic

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It has been predicted that mobile internet usage will eventually overtake desktop internet use, but just how close are we to this happening?

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Pull the Plug on Killer Robots

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Machines are starting to take the place of human soldiers on the battlefield. http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/11/19/ban-killer-robots-it-s-too-late Some militar…

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Anti-gay Christian lawyer arrested for possession of child porn

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Ben Stein Says We Need To Raise Taxes And Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Has A Cow!

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Ben Stein gets honest on Fox News with Greg Gutfeld (a Coulter wannabe), and tells him that if we go off the ‘fiscal cliff’ nothing bad will happen and then asks him this, ‘What do you care if we raise taxes on some rich person?

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