Lift Your Voice for Reason

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btw, my audio netcast is enjoying a good amount of popularity. It’s amazing and shocking actually. It’s went balistic since I changed the name of the netcast. It’s still the same content though.

I’m so surprised at the listenership. I’ve only 82 followers but many more listeners. At the rate of popularity I’m on track to peg out the dial.

It’s nice to know there are individiuals of common sense, reason, logic and rational critical free thinking in the world. It is you who give the world a chance to progress. Encouraging.



FBI Agent’s 9/11 Motive Testimony: Israel References Omitted from 9/11 Report

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MR. KEAN: Vice Chairman Hamilton. MR. HAMILTON: Thank you very much for your testimony. I’m interested in the question of motivation of these hijackers, and …

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