The job-shedding factories of today are the job-shedding farms of 50 years ago

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Sometimes big trends get masked by smaller ones.

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

Maggie’s Farm


Anyone who thinks jobs are in our future is completely Totally entranced in self delusion. There’s no jobs there. Jobs aren’t coming back. They’re gone forever. You can look around as horse owners did and see the few automobiles and their inability to out run a horse as comfort or you can recognize the future that has arrived on your doorstep. The computer you’re reading this on, the computer network you’re using to access this post is the same Digital Technology that is gonna replace all human labor. The .0001% have hated us forever and now that they are on track to replace all human labor they simply won’t need us anymore. They hate us and they hate needing us. Once they don’t need us they plan to get rid of us totally and completely. If you believe the bullshit propaganda of a future New World Order where you and I are slaves but alive you’re absolutely dead wrong. They won’t need us for labor and they’re gonna exterminate us all. 


Look how they raise farm animals these days. Cages next to cages with cages stacked on cages. They drug the animals to get more production and they do whatever it takes to reduce cost while maximizing profits. These people don’t give a shit about life. They only care about their own luxury comfort and security. Once they don’t need chickens, cows, pigs, humans they’re gonna get rid of all their farm animals. The last free range farm animals, humans, are the .0001% most hated farm animal. They must feed us, clothe us, educate us, propagandize us, infotain us when they want to instead enjoy the richness of their wealth. Why spend valuable time taking care of the farm animals when you don’t need them anymore? It really is that simple. They don’t need our labor and they definitely are sick and tired of managing our lives. They want to enjoy the beach, sailing the ocean, flying to exotic places undisturbed by needing to check in on the farm animals. 


The total independent freedom of complete elimination of those of us in the general population is what the .0001% call "Heaven on Earth". No more working the farm!! No more starting wars, famine, disease to keep those in the general population in line. Total Digital CyberInterNetic Technology to serve their every need. Replicants working to meet their every need and desire without questioning, rebelling, needing medical care, vacation time, wages, food, water, leisure, children, families, etc, etc.


No more Jobs for you!


No more working the farm for those in the .0001%.


That’s the CyberInterNetic Agenda of the future for Digital Technology. They don’t have to worry about anyone in the general population wising up. There’s too many sporting events, TV soap operas, movies, talk shows for those in the general population to infotain themselves to death. It’s the perfect scheme. Pet the farm animal on the head every once in a while then later lead it into the slaughter shoot. There you go, into your last walk between the fences.

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