A Christian Company Has Responded to the Atheist Billboards in South Dakota

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“I think there’s a lot of people who do believe in God, and I just wanted to represent them,” Kreider said.

Westbound motorists can see both signs at the same time.

“I just thought we should have an alternate viewpoint out there,” Kreider said.


Well, good thing he put up his billboard or else nobody would have known about the existence of Christianity!


It’s also a sloppy rebuttal. The atheist billboard — geared toward other atheists — asks whether or not you believe in God. The Christian billboard — which exists only to demonize and ridicule atheists — wrongly claims that we have some absolute knowledge that God doesn’t exist.


The atheists come off looking excited and honest, while the Christian just sounds petty. I’m not offended by the billboard. I’m just shaking my head at Kreider for thinking this was a wise investment. But let’s thank him for getting the atheist billboards into the local media once again.

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