Editorial: Atheist Homesteading

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My wife and I are interested in Homesteading our 3/4 of an acre. We plant a garden inside and outside. We recycle. We compost. We’re gonna get into worm farming which is called Vermiculture. We are back to the Earth people. We are also non-believers of religion. What we noticed in talking to fellow Homesteaders is the fact that many are religious and/or spiritual. That’s really sad as we are often ignored and uninvited to events because of our atheism/humanism.  I’m an atheist antitheist and my wife is a humanist. 


When the talk turns to a second subject away from Homesteading it usually turns to religion and/or spirituality. What a bummer. Intelligent Earth loving individuals turn into sick twisted people loving sick twisted things. My wife and I take part in the Homesteading part of a conversations and exit when the religious/spiritual bullshit enters the discussion. 


I’d like to start a Homestead Independent Living movement in the atheist community. As sovereign independent individuals Homesteading is a perfect fit. Grow our own food, worm farm, plant gardens outside and inside. I finally convinced our daughter and her husband that they could grow a small portion of their own food on their apartment stoop. Now they grow a few herbs, a few strawberry plants, green onions and more including a couple tomato plants which they grow vertically. You can grow a lot of food plants vertically. It’s rewarding. 


Our daughter and her husband live near San Francisco California so they have their very own stoop garden year round! They love it! It’s as awesome as can be. We highly recommend some small space gardening regardless of the limited area you might have. One stoop tomato plant will yield a bushel lot of tomatoes!


It would be great to have a atheist homesteader movement. Growing our own food & living the independent sovereign individual life is a perfect concept for atheists!! Let’s engage ourselves in the wonders of nature and science. Grow your own food!


We’re also into natural native habitat landscaping. You plant plants that are native to your area. Wild animals are losing their natural habitat and food sources. We started replacing ornamental landscape plants with natural native plants especially berry plants that provide winter food for birds and other animals. Natural native plants that provide shelter is a great way to bring nature back to your home. Native plants need less water, less feeding. These are native plants that have learned to survive on their own in your area. They’re tough just like out of the closet atheists! The Homestead Movement along with using Native Plant in our yards is a great match for sovereign independent individual atheists. 


Looking forward to more atheists in the Homestead Native Plant Movement. 


See you there. In the meantime..


Take Care and Be Well,

plasmaborne sovereignjohn


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