Editorial: How to Defeat the NSA and/or Any Other Government Spyin

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How to Defeat the NSA and/or Any Government Spying


We will find out quickly if the USA is still free. The test will come with the first NSA case against you and/or me. Read on…


You see any Government with enough power to spy on your every breath and/or your every movement is power enough to fake data about your breath and/or your movements. The data is in the hands of a secret organization of secret devious individuals and therefore will do anything. They have been proven to break the Law so it is not inconceivable that they would lie, cheat, and made up documents; fake emails, fake post, fake texts, fake phone calls, all to get a conviction. 


This is our defense. The very Government agencies that are accusing us has proven they can’t be trusted. Therefore any evidence these lying deceitful agencies have can not be trusted to be real. Law authorities have proven to be untrustworthy. That’s a proven fact!


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