Editorial: Google, Sentient Robotics, Sentient Driverless Cars, Sentient Internet

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You don’t know why Google wants to put you in a driverless car? They want the car to drive you around so you can be online while traveling. You won’t have to drive and watch the road. Anytime you’re online Google wins. 

Robotics? A driverless Delivery Truck stops at your door and a robot gets out and delivers your package. This is Robot Based Commerce.

Sentient Robots and Digital Devices will be everywhere. You’re refigerator knows you need milk. Your refigerator orders your groceries and a driverless delivery truck drives up to your house. A sentient robot gets out and delivers your groceries. You’re door is senient digital and lets the robot into your house where the senient robot loads your frigerator.

The sentient Internet Web will turn much of your daily routine into a automated Sentient Internet of Sentient Things Service. 

The future is coming…


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