Editorial: The Dark Side of Homestead/Gardening/BackToNature Lifestyle

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I’ve written about how the Homestead/Gardening/BackToNature movement is filled with either religious superstitious people or superstitious spiritual people. I’ve been rejected from online forums and locally a gardening group started up and I was given the cold shoulder and made to feel very unwelcome because I’m an openly atheistic individual. 


So this who ‘Duck Dynasty’ marketing ploy is not surprising. Duck Dynasty [Die Nasty] knows this is the perfect time of year to get christians all railed up. What with the lie of the “War on Christmas” and the assured backing of a whole lying network [Fox] Duck Dynasty merchandise will sell well this Christmas.


We aren’t helped by those atheist who use the greeting “Merry Christmas” when they know full well it is the Winter Solstice as the Winter Solstice is a time of year. Just like 12pm midnight is a time of day. Christians have been wagging a 2,014 year old war on a time of Year, the Winter Solstice. 


The Winter Solstice takes place whether you believe it or not. It’s a time of year therefore it is a fact. Helping the Christian Superstitious to hide the Winter Solstice is to me inexcusable. The likes of Matt Dillahunty doesn’t give a shit and greets people with “Merry Christmas”. Thanks Matt. Really helpful. 


Matt Dillahunty says Merry Christ Mass is no longer religious. That may be true however using a religious term to describe a no longer religious time of year is unScientific and anti atheist. An atheist using “Merry Christmas” is like white people saying the “N” word. It’s quite alright for black people to use the “N” word. It’s their word. Our world for this time of year celebrates the reason for the season. The Earth’s axis tilt which on Dec 21st every year gives us the shortest day and the longest night. After December 21 the days start to be longer and the nights start to be shorter indicating once again the triump of the light over the darkness. The Spring Equinox  is coming! The Spring Equinox is coming!


No Jesus Christ, that’s a fairy tale told by psychopathic conmen to gain power & control over other people. 


It’s as simple as that,

Electric Universe/plasmaborne


(== Be Careful, Be Well ==)




Duck Dynasty (Die Nasty) is part of the Dark Site of the Back to Nature Lifestyle. They believe in Hate & Bigotry . Hate & Bigotry are their lifestyle within the Back to Nature Life.


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