Editorial: An Atheist’s Purpose Worth Living For

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A raindrop falls. When it evaporates that’s it. Another raindrop containing some of the water of the first raindrop may fall but that first raindrop is gone…forever. 


This is what needing verifiable evidence tells me. An #atheist is simply someone who requires verifiable evidence.


A person is born. We live, we love, we die. Our purpose is each other & our desire to provide the opportunity to live for ourselves and others in the best conditions we can get. Once we die our individual consciousness is gone…forever. Life is not about us. Life is about Life. Just as Life saw Dinosaurs come & go. Life doesn’t need Dinosaurs, life only needs life. 


We humans weren’t made in the image of some creator by some creator. Creation is a process. Evolution is the way. We’re here today and if we don’t evolve or an asteroid hits or we pollute our environment too much we’ll simply go extinct and life will go on, because life isn’t about us. Life is about life and life will do just fine without us. 


The question is, are we about life? Are we wanting to live and to make the future compatible for our children, their children & their children? Five hundred years ago nobody was thinking about sovereign john. Yet five hundred years ago my successful ancestors were thinking out several generations and hoping to improve the lives of the loved ones in the here & now & later generations. Five hundred generations and here I am. A long line of successful human beings. 


Now I will never know the next five hundredth generation of human beings. I’m sure they’ll be tremendously different than you & me. One thing I do know they’ll be, they will be our relations. The people born five hundred years from now will be our children. Our purpose in life is to give them the best future we can. It is up to each generation to do so.


You want to be part of something larger than yourself? You are part of humanity. You are part of the solar system, you are part of the galaxy, you are part of the Universe. So let’s stop crying over the fact that we don’t live forever. There’s future generations of human beings depending on us to care about each other in the here and now. 


Maybe someday Science will conquer death. That would be great. However our lives matter because we are the only hope of future generations. Let’s be kind and give them the great future. That’s a purpose worth living for!!


It’s just that simple. 


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