Editorial: I shouldn’t Try To Force Anyone to Be An Atheist.

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I shouldn’t force anyone to be an #atheist. I shouldn’t try to pass laws preventing religious people to marry. Cause that would make me like a Christian, absolutely fucked up!! So instead I choose tolerance & reaching conclusions based on verifiable evidence. The verifiable evidence is that most Christians are dispicable & I have no desire to be dispicably Christian.


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Twitter / BelgiumAtheist: This. #science #god #ignorance …

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10 Things We Should Always Keep In Our Lives No Matter How Old Fashioned They Become

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Editorial: Are You Dumb & Dumber or Do You Ponder As You Wonder?

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#Christians choose to turn themselves into dumb terminals & let the Network do their thinking for them. #atheist do their own thinking & use the Network for search, research, data & information verified by evidence.

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