Editorial: Drinking Hot Spearmint Tea We Grow in Our Garden..

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Dried Spearmint: Home Grown


I’m drinking some of our homegrown spearmint tea that grows on the boundary of our garden and where we’ve planted it around the homestead for aroma. We pick the spearmint, dry it & put it in the blender to make a powder. We place the powder into a coffee filter in our coffee maker and make tea instead of coffee. It sure hits the spot. Healthy to drink from a taste to savor. 


We have a small into potted garden in our southern facing windows and after some to the spearmint tea has cooled I’ll pour some on our potted plants. The plants appreciate the nutrition of the spearmint & get greener as they take in the goodness.


The days of winter that are warmer we’ll go out & collect some of the spearmint bushes that have dried up preparing for winter. We’ll go out and collect a small bag full. Spearmint stores quite well so if you do grow spearmint you’ll enjoy it’s goodness year round. 


Herbs are a good source of winter goodness when many of the vegetables are long gone. You can grow a variety of herbs for their different nutrient rich properties. We also grow Lemon Mint & Peppermint. Delicious healthy drinks for any season especially the bitter cold of winter months. 


I’m gonna have another sip of our spearmint tea which you can brew & serve anytime. 


Enjoy the goodness of your garden all year long. Grow some herbs in your garden for health and many herbs have the added benefit of providing aroma that can help mask the smell of growing vegetables & confuse harmful insects so they can’t as easily find a meal on your produce. Herbs also add a aroma we humans find pleasant as well. So herbs are a great addition to a garden and/or placed around your property. 😉 


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