Editorial: Educated Voters Wins Over Monied Interests in Politics

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It is my position that Money only wins in Politics when U.S. Citizens are ignorant & apathetic. Citizens preferring to know their favorite sports players statics rather than their local, state & federal elected representatives name & stats. U.S. Citizens have made they’re choice. They will vote every two or four years then get back to the important things in their lives like whether their favorite sports team won a game or not. We have the Government we’ve made. Money can’t defeat a candidate of the people, by the people, for the people when we the people vote. Money only influences elections when the people voting have no idea who their voting for & follow the advice of money.


Money depends on ignorant apathetic voters. When news outlets such as Fox News influences how our overall News is done & the voting citizen accepts this type of news as valid news. When News becomes ‘Entertainment Tonight’ bullshit Money will dominate our politics. Simply put, money will not influence an educated citizenry.


What do you thnk? Isn’t an educated voter more capable of recognizing candidates that better represent the interests of the working class? 


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