N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers. Track You Offline

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The agency has put software in thousands of computers that allows for surveillance and can also create a path for launching cyberattacks, according to documents, experts and officials.

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It’s kinda weird. Many of us have been saying this was happening for years. It’s now coming to the public through mainstream media and suddenly everyone is wiser. Perhaps Internet users should get a clue. The Internet is a military weapon. It always has been & always will be. 


It’s consumer aspect is to get you in & collect your personal data. The solution is to take control of our lives & make sure our personal data is safe online by passing laws that make our data safe. If we continue to count on someone else to protect our data we will continue to be used & abused.


It’s just that simple….

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Be Good

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Join the Be Good for Goodness Sake movement. All that’s required is to be good for goodness sake. No donations, no fees, just be good. 😉

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This Is An ‘NSA-Proof’ Smartphone

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The tech world is abuzz this week with news that an “NSA-proof” smartphone will soon be available for purchase. On Wednesday, Silent Circle — an encrypted communications service based in D.C.

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Humanity Is Becoming Increasingly Less Violent, with One Exception — Religious Violence via @cjwerleman

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The findings of a major new Pew Research Center’s study confirm the importance of secularism.

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Thanks to CJ Werleman ‏@cjwerleman  on Twitter for heads up on this article

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Twitter / SecularWoman: Christian Evangelical Scott …

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Christian Evangelical Scott Lively’s evil anti-gay legacy lives on in Uganda: http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2014/1/retrogressive-antigaylawinugandahastiestotheus.html …#lgbt#hate

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