Editorial: Fuck Superstitious Religion & The Weak Minded Following

See on Scoop.itGodless Antitheist

I’m of the opinion non-believers times is better spent talking to non-believers in the closet. I really don’t want to talk to believers. I want to get Blasphemy Laws off the books. I want to get the true numbers of non-believers known and counted. The problem we non-believers have is not superstitious individuals.The problem non-believers have is our fellows cowering, conforming & complying with superstition.

We need to make an adult embarrassed to admit publicly that they believe in an imaginary super Wizard that popped out of nothing then created the Universe out of nothing.


The freedom to believe in a make believe an all powerful, all knowing imaginary being is a natural born right. However the right to work toward establishing a Fascist Dominionist Global Government that forces all citizens of the world to believe is not a natural born right.


Of course you can believe in imaginary things in your head. You can even gather with like minded believers in imaginary superstition things. You do not have the right to impose your hatred and bigotry of such a superstitious belief and insist it is your right to implement laws based on your superstitious based hatred and bigotry. You do not have a right to impose your hate and bigotry on anyone regardless of your bases for doing so.


It’s just that simple.


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