| The New Kochs: Anthology of DeVos Support, Funding of School Privatization and Religious Right

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Mother Jones’ January/February issue includes an article titled “Meet the New Kochs: The DeVos Clan’s Plan to Defund the Left.”  Author Andy Kroll details Dick DeVos’ role in orchestrating the ambush that made Michigan a “right-to-work” (aka “right to work for less”) state.  Of course, the DeVos family’s exploits against labor unions and public education aren’t new, and Talk2action contributors have been writing about them for years. This includes a series of articles on the DeVoses role promoting school vouchers and a series of articles by Russ Bellant, author of the 1996 book, The Religious Right in Michigan Politics. See the list and links after the fold, including a video clip from Dick DeVos’ 2002 speech at the Heritage Foundation in which he described the need to change the face of the “school choice” movement.  The TTA search function (top right) lists dozens of articles at Talk2action that reference “DeVos” since 2006.  Scan the whole list or see the selection of links below with descriptions. 

Funding the Religious Right

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