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MORE ON THE MINIMUM WAGEBSeale – 01/29/2014 – 19:17

Excellent Article Glen


The Minimum Wage Analysis needs to go a bit further. You are correct to point out that Obama welched on the $9.50/hr minimum wage promise. And his chacanery was going further. In 2012 he had whittled down his promise to $9.20/hr. Yes that’s right a reduction in his Minimum Wage proposal after Occupy. So why did Obama hawk Harkin’s $10.10/hr proposal last night ? Because out of the remnants Occupy and Worker World Party came the initiative in Several Big Cities for a $15/hr. This proposal took off like wildfire amongst Fast Food Workers who SEIU is trying to organize. SEIU decided to take up the issue inorder to push WWP aside. Why is this significant ? Because Ralph Nader had been needling Richard Trumka to get on board with a campaign to boost the minimum wage since Trumka came to power of the AFL-CIO. At the time Nader was proposing $10.30/hr. Trumka had always responded with “we support a hike in the minimum wage…just check our website”. Trumka’s other dodge was “we need Card Check first”. That was another election promise Obama tennis shoed.

Returning to the Minimum Wage the “Fight for $15” Campaign is growing in leaps and bounds. It is high visible in numerous major cities including New York, Chicago and Oakland. The City Council of San Jose passed a Local Ordinance mandating a $15/hr minimum wage. And last fall a Socialist, Kshama Sawant, was elected to the Seattle City Council based in large part a platform plank of raising the minimum wage in that municipality to $15/hr. You can bet that scared the ever loving crap out of the centers of Capitalist Power. So Obama got on his horse, reversed direction and threw in for Harkin’s proposal even though it proposed a minimum wage higher than his own proposals. Obama and his Captialist Master saw the fire sweeping across the prairie and decided they had to light a back fire in order to stop the initiative.

The are a number of lessons we should take away from this episode.

1) The Democrat Party is every bit a hand maiden to Capital as their Republican Brothers. Remember that the next time and everytime you see a floor fight in the House of Representatives or the Senate.

2) The Leadership levels of Organized Labor are thorughly corrupt and in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party. Read carefully what I just wrote. I did NOT say labor is corrupt or unneeded. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the Rank and File has to get active and reclaim their unions. They need to tell their leaders this Union is run for our benefit not theat of the Democrat Party.

3) The Grassroots needs to be poked and praised for what they did. It needs to be pointed out what they can do when the stop listening to Democrats and Union Leaders who admonshed them “You can’t get that through”, or “That’s not Politically Feasible”. That kind of garbage is a not so subtle form of training. Training them to lower their expectations.


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