Editorial: Religious Family Values & Compartmentalization

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What is really sad is that if one had been born to Muslim parents he’d be Muslim. Little thought or consideration of evidence goes into this choice. Parents Jewish, Jewish child. Parents Scientologists, child is Scientologist. Few break the cycle. That’s why Family Values is instilled in their children. Not just any family values of course, the child is taught the Family Values of whatever faith gained control of the family.


This well embedded invisible all knowing all powerful Big Brother Fascist Faith has the advantage. Like a genetic gene of cancer strikes from within this Big Brother Fascist meme of Faith strikes from within the family. Evidence is dismissed and verification of any fact must be eliminated by faith, blind faith.


If not for the mind’s ability for compartmentalization true believers would be unable to function in society. However, since the faithful are taught to recognize facts and evidence in every other aspect of their lives except their faith a compartmentalized indoctrinated superstitious mind is given the ability to function in our secular evidence based communities appearing to be capable of independent thought. Hell, they can even be Scientist!!!


Thus the virus meme of Faith continues to dominate the minds of those who through family, friends, neighbors and co-workers reinforce the meme and attenuate the internal struggle to break free. Doubt coupled with questions is a sin!!


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