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About this site

How’s My SSL? is a cute little website that tells you how secure your TLS client is. TLS clients just like the browser you’re reading this with.


How’s My SSL? was originally made to help a web server developer learn what real world TLS clients were capable of. It’s been expanded to give developers and the very technically-savvy a quick and easy way to learn more about the TLS tools they use.


It’s also meant to impell developers to modernize and improve their TLS stacks. Many security problems come from engineers simply not knowing what worries to have. How’s My SSL? is a demonstration of what those TLS client worries should be.


How’s My SSL? chooses topics important to today’s security environment and analyzes clients in that context. It will never be a complete audit, but it can hit the high notes. Over time, How’s My SSL? will change to live in an ever more difficult security environment.


It will be kept up by people who care.


How’s My SSL? gives a rating to each client that connects to it. These ratings are not the final word on “how secure” a TLS client is, but captures important aspects of its security.

See on www.howsmyssl.com


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