Post-collapse After the “it” hits the fan

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The tried and true art of barter

What happens when banks close, financial systems rupture, and cash becomes incredibly scarce.

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

This is typical of the poor. Instead of demanding their fair share of their own labor they resort to make shift ways to continue to fuck themselves while the rich laugh and party on the backs of the poor.


It seems these poor people sitll haven’t realized who stole their wealth. How sad. This is why this report says the Government is happy to let the poor continue to delude themselves while rummaging through the pennies left them after the rich robbed them. Several of those interviewed even believe this a dignified way to earn a living. Rummaging through the scapes from the rich man’s table. 


How sad and pitiful it is the poor don’t have the will to demand what is rightfully theirs.


Look at the media, celebrating the poor covere in defeat and accepting their designed poverty as if it was natural…

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