Editorial: Humans Eating Other Animals

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Sometimes you gotta wonder if some things are ‘for real’ or are people just being ornery for no reason at all. Take the case of the claim we shouldn’t kill other animals for food. One can see how the Lion, Fox, and Hawk handles this. 

We humans certainly can figure out ways to feed ourselves a healthy diet without eating other animals yet when we look at nature eating other animals is part of life. Certainly when other animals try to use us as food we demonize the animal and hunt it down to eliminate the threat for ourselves. 

Yet the fox protects itself and it’s young as well. It seems evolution, the natural workings of nature still includes animals eating animals. I agree we should be kind to the animals we raise as food. A person who is cruel to animals is a person who can’t be trusted in my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t let a person who is cruel to animals be my babysitter or my child’s teacher.

The best idea I’ve seen on the fact that some of us humans who eat other animals is it is really a choice for us. We know how to live perfectly healthy lives without the need to kill other animals. 

Those of us thinking about this know that our economy of life, the way we interact with each other and live locally can return to local life and do quite well maybe even better than ever. Soda that is made by the Corporation is corrupted. Local Soda brewers not only allow us to drink natural healthy soda but natural food produces don’t do well shipped from China or from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast of the United States. The ingredients might be shipped but not the product.  

If we had our own local businesses and our own local currencies taking back our lives, therefore returning much of governance back to the local level could be achieved simply choosing natural products produced locally.

Even our technology is headed locally. 3D printing will enable us all to produce a lot of our wants and needs not by mass production in a factory that employees thousands of people but in our kitchen, our basement or our garage. We’re talking about a revolution here.

How this revolution turns out is up to what we choose for ourselves and the future for our children. Everyday, in every way we are making choices that matter to ourselves and the future. Are we gonna keep our Corporate life or are we gonna take back our lives and choose once again the sovereign independent individuals lives?

Each and every day we are making the choices that determine our lives now and for the future. We eat other animals by choice. We have the knowledge of a healthy perhaps even more better eating habits if we don’t eat other animals. Unlike the Lion, the Fox, and the Hawk we human beings have many choices to choose from in how we live our lives. 

We’re not eating other animals for survival anymore. So why are we still eating other animals?



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