What Good is Fitbit If Our Food is Full of Toxic Chemicals, etc

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What Good is Fitbit If Our Food is full of toxic chemicals, etc.

We need devices and apps that help us detect toxins in our food.


Quote from – Food Revolution: The Real Takeaway From the Natural News Garden of Life & Subway Agreements –


“The ultimate movement that would serve to give the full power back to the people would be to have cheap independent testing available to end users. This could be accomplished either by having technology at each supermarket that could achieve this, or perhaps a “home kit” that would enable each person to test at their discretion. That way, no company need fear backlash from a poor product because the testing would be up to the end user. It would also promote fairness among companies by allowing the product quality to speak for itself as opposed to how many social media followers, clever ads, or celebrity endorsements it has.”


Good News! There are apps out there…


Smartphone Cradle, App Detect Toxins, Bacteria, Food Allergens http://goo.gl/qGSJ7r


Food Sense on the App Store on iTunes http://goo.gl/oaWpnp


Rodale The 10 Best Food Apps http://www.rodalenews.com/food-apps


Smartphone app to use mobile camera to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria and viruses http://goo.gl/szyE9L


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