Mitsubishi Introduces e-F@ctory Alliance Program

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation now offers connections to complementary products from other vendors through the e-F@ctory Alliance Program.



January 29, 2014 – In a continuing effort to help its customers increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership within industrial plants and manufacturing facilities, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the e-F@ctory Alliance Program.  In addition to its own factory automation products and technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Automation now offers connections to complementary products from other vendors through the e-F@ctory Alliance Program to increase productivity from the simple device level to the business system level.

Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance Program is a third-party referencing program with other automation hardware and software vendors that allows customers to select solutions that best solve their automation challenges. e-F@ctory Alliance third-party vendor solutions are thoroughly tested with Mitsubishi Electric products, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation. Complete documentation, including quick start guides, sample programs and maintenance screens when required, will be available for each solution, drastically reducing the time necessary to implement and maintain these solutions.

Through the e-F@ctory Alliance Program, Mitsubishi Electric Automation and the company’s Alliance vendors work together to help customers reduce total cost of ownership. This occurs through pre-engineered integration, making the latest technologies easier to use and more cost effective.

“With the e-F@ctory Alliance Program, we’re helping our customers increase productivity to gain an edge in their fiercely competitive markets,” said Robert Miller, senior manager, strategic collaborations and partnerships, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.  “We see the e-F@ctory Alliance Program as a win-win for both our customers and the Alliance vendors.”

Customer benefits:

Proven product and technology solutionsReduced engineering time to integrate solutions using Mitsubishi Electric hardware with Alliance vendor productsConnectivity from the sensor level to the business intelligence levelReduced downtime, intuitive maintenance screens, as well as backup and restore capabilitiesAbility to implement the latest technology quickly and efficiently
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