Editorial: Christians Stole Dec. 25th from Us & We’re Taking It Back!

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December 25 is not a Christian Celebration. It is a Winter Solstice Celebration celebrated long before the invention of the Christian superstition. That’s a fact. Search engine “Winter Solstice”, “Pagan Celebrations” and/or “Yule Tree”, “Yule Log”. 


Christians Stole Dec. 25th from Us and We’re Taking It Back so Christian can whine “There’s a War on Christmas”. Damn straight there is. Christians waged a war on Winter Solstice and we’re fighting back! Christians stole Dec. 25th, we’re taking it back and Christians can bitch and moan with their Christian whine all they want, we’re taking our Special Occasion back!


Easter is yet another seasonal celebration the Christians have stolen and co-opted. They’re too stupid to have their own special occasions so they steal from others. Typical Christian special privileges attitude. We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore. Christians can leave and move to a country run by religion. Iran. 


The United States is a secular nation with a secular Declaration of Independence, a secular U.S. Constitution and a secular representative Government. A Government not ruled by god rather ruled by WethePeople. Of the people, for the people, by the people. Not God needed. 


Finally U.S. Citizens are coming to their senses and asserting once again their secular natural born sovereign rights. It’s about time!


Jehovah and Jesus, Allah and Muhammad will join Thor, Isis, Horus as mere mythological gods of superstition. This is the century of progressive common sense. The age of Thomas Paine.


Thank Goodness.


Let’s all be good for goodness sake!


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