Editorial: Atheism is A WethePeople Based Institution

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Atheism is a WethePeople based Institution 


All of us are smarter than any of us. Atheist: WethePeople based. We formed a secular representative Government based on WethePeople overthrowing the God based Government we were shackled with. The King system is rule by unelected representatives who claim to rule over us ordained and anointed by a God. The United States of America was founded on the rule of WethePeople, not the rule of a God through the King System. We are free agents not surfs and servants, property owned by the King System backed by a Church.


The United States of America is special not because we were blessed by a God rather the United States of America is the first Nation founded on the principal of the rule of the people, by the people, for the people. Our U.S. Constitution is a secular document!! Our Government is a secular Government elected not by a God but by WethePeople. This was and still is a Revolutionary Idea.


Let us protect and support our elected not selected by a God representative Government. Stand up and celebrate the rule of the People!! The United States of America. Let us return to our roots and attenuate the undue influence of superstition on us. The United States of America, the first nation founded rational, logical, common sense thinking forsaking superstitious belief and rituals. Science over superstitious rituals gives rise to progressive environments of quality exploration and discovery.


Secular thinking the only thing that ever has and/or ever will lead to questions with answers.


Take Care, Be Well

The Godless Antitheist

TUG [The Ubiquitous Group]


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