Editorial: This is Going to Confuse the Superstitious Christians to No End..

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This is going to confuse the superstitious Christians to no end.


Did you know here in Southern Indiana or anyplace in the northern hemisphere the sun is actually closer to the Earth and brings more heat to our area? It’s true! So why is it that the Sun is closer to our part of the earth and therefore gives us more heat why is it cold during the winter months. Stand by for a shocker all you who use superstition as the basis for living. The Earth not only rotates on it’s axis, the earth tilts on it’s axis as well.


The Earth tilts so much during the winter in the northern hemisphere that the suns rays are spread out over a larger area. So even though the sun brings more heat to the northern hemisphere the heat is dispersed over such a larger area it actually gets colder in the northern hemisphere and we have cold bitter winters. This is a fact that superstition which is based on one’s feelings, guesses and taking literally everything your eyes seem to tell you. Sometimes everything you see is not what is going on. 


The eyes fool us into thinking the sun travels across the sky during the day when it fact the sun is in the same place all day long. It’s the Earth that is rotating on it’s axis making it appear the sun is traveling across the sky. Now the superstitious believe their eyes and have invented an imaginary magical wizard in the sky to justify these superstitious feelings, guesses and claims. Science on the other hand allows for and embraces the scientific method to verify through experiments the validity of any supposition. 


“God did it” is not a claim worthy of consideration. One could say a magical Unicorn did it or a magic Troll did it. Some superstition people believe the Earth is on the back of a giant turtle! All these superstitious beliefs are as valid as superstitious Christianity.


It’s just that simple.


Its a dangerous superstitious world out there.


Take Care & Be Well


The Godless Antitheist

The Ubiquitous Group




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